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ZPZ Torun Specializes in processing and distribution of scrap metals and nonferrous metals. The variety of our services also includes steel structures disassembly and scrap metal heavyweight logistics. To find out more about our variety of services and technologies, please navigate threw our website and feel free to give us call any time!

Licences and Concessions

Enterprise Licences and Concessions enables ZPZ distribution of postproduction and depreciated scrap metals. Haz-Mat storage permissions enables us to secure Client’s premises against any danger. We provide Recycling Depository Receipts.

Technical Advantage

Our Haz-Mat storage site and quick access to a train ramp enables us to process large volumes of scrap metal. A team of professionals is equipped in cranes, telescopic handlers, forklifts, loaders and other specialized machinery.


A process to change used materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage and pollution is called Recycling. We encourage everyone to recycle with ZPZ in order to join our efforts in reborning thousands tons of scrap metal every year, and living the eco efficient life! In our efforts to fully satisfy our Dear Customers, we do not forget about ecological priorities! Professional Equipment, High-Tech solutions and efficient Quality Management Systems, enables us to provide cost effective solutions and highest possible Client Satisfaction. Company strategy relates on Recycling Efficiency. Environment concern and attention to pollution dangers are priorities of our services.

Our Equipment